About the Australian Consortium for Aged Care

A national consortium of Australia’s leading researchers in aged care and implementation science has formed to answer key research questions that underpin, inform and monitor the policy response and implementation of the recommendations and invaluable work of the Royal Commission and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

National research consortium members

Selected publications


Residential medication management reviews in Australian residential aged care facilities.

Sluggett, J. K., Bell, J. S., Lang, C., Corlis, M., Whitehead, C., Wesselingh, S. L.  , & Inacio, M. C. (2021). Medical Journal of Australia, 214(9), 432-433.


Predictors of short-term hospitalization and emergency department presentations in aged care.

Inacio, M. C., Jorissen, R. N., Khadka, J., Whitehead, C., Maddison, J., Bourke, A., Pham, C. T., Karnon, J., Wesselingh, S. L., Lynch, E., Harvey, G., Caughey, G. E., & Crotty, M. (2021). Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 69(11), 3142-3156.


Co-designing a dashboard of predictive analytics and decision support to drive care quality and client outcomes in aged care: A mixed-method study protocol

Ludlow, K., Westbrook, J., Jorgensen, M., Lind, K. E., Baysari, M. T., Gray, L. C., Day, R. O., Ratcliffe, J., Lord, S. R., Georgiou, A., Braithwaite, J., Raban, M. Z., Close, J., Beattie, E., Zheng, W. Y., Debono, D., Nguyen, A., Siette, J., Seaman, K., Miao, M. et al. (2021).  BMJ Open, 11(8).


Temporal and regional trends of antibiotic use in long-term aged care facilities across 39 countries, 1985-2019: Systematic review and meta-analysis.

Raban, M. Z., Gates, P. J., Gasparini, C., & Westbrook, J. I. (2021). PLoS ONE, 16(8 August).