About the Australian Consortium for Aged Care

ACAC was formed in 2020 and is comprised of Australia’s leading researchers in aged care and implementation science. ACAC takes a systems-wide approach to addressing key research questions that underpin, inform, and improve the quality of long term care services for older people, both in Australia and internationally.

The ACAC Founding Members’ expertise and leadership spans many areas, including:

-The evidence base for care in residential settings
-Aged care epidemiology
-Aged care policy and research translation
-Models of aged care service delivery
-Improving the delivery of care through implementation science
-Quality and safety monitoring in aged and health care settings
-Data infrastructure and informatics
-Statistics and predictive analytics
-Quality use of medicines and medication management systems in aged care
-Network analysis
-Collaborative research with consumers and communities.

Founding Members

Selected publications


Designing clinical indicators for common residential aged care conditions and processes of care: the CareTrack Aged development and validation study

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Development of a Multivariable Prediction Model for Risk of Hospitalization With Pressure Injury After Entering Residential Aged Care.

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Co-designing a dashboard of predictive analytics and decision support to drive care quality and client outcomes in aged care: A mixed-method study protocol

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Quality and Safety in Residential Aged Care: An Evaluation of a National Quality Indicator Program.

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